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Clitoral Massager

Clitoral Massager

Your clitoris is home to more than 8,000 nerve endings. It’s also the most reliable pathway to orgasm for many vulvas.

If you’re looking for something to reach your clit but find penetrative toys like dildos uncomfortable, a clitoral massager might be the perfect fit. These pleasure products are a great way to explore new erogenous zones and learn more about your own preferences.

Powerful Stimulation

When you pick the right clitoral massager, it will offer powerful stimulation, rumbly vibrations that tingle and satisfy. This stimulation stimulates nerve endings in the clitoral hood that lead to the release of endorphins. These feel-good hormones are your body’s natural painkillers and mood enhancers that create feelings of euphoria and relaxation.

A clitoral stimulator is an excellent option for beginners to vibrators or people who haven’t yet experienced penetration and want to try it out with a partner. It is also a great choice for people who are not able to reach orgasm with a penetrating toy, like a dildo or G-spot vibrator.

Most clitoral stimulators are small and resemble something you might use on your arm or hand. However, some, such as the LELO SONA, are larger and more akin to a wand or clitoral massager sex toy. This makes them ideal for a variety of uses, including masturbation with a partner or during intercourse.

The sonic clitoral massager from LELO stimulates the entire clitoris through gentle sonic waves and doesn’t require direct contact. Its softer than vibration stimulation but just as pleasurable, offering progressive pleasure and satisfaction that is deeply satisfying. Its curved shape allows for a variety of positions and also works well for the nipples. It can even be used inside the vagina for g-spot massage.

Pleasurable Experience

A good clitoral massager like Biird’s Obii will offer both suction and vibration to deliver a unique experience for all the right reasons. You can choose to start with only vibrations and slowly increase the suck strength or vice versa depending on your mood, and then finish with a gentle and soft sucking sensation. Using the massager in this way can help create a sense of increased intimacy between you and your partner.

Many sexual massagers also come with a remote and a satin pouch for extra sensual touches. These touches can be both intimate and erotically stimulating, increasing orgasms further and heightening the pleasure of use. Some massagers also include several different modes to help you find the pleasure settings that work best for you, like edging. This technique involves getting close to orgasm but backing off right before you reach it. This can create a lot of pleasure in its own right, and can negate the need for full penetration during sexual intercourse.

While pleasure seeking can be harmful if taken to an extreme, it can also offer a powerful antidote to stress and may be essential for our well-being. Pleasure-seeking behavior has also been shown to stimulate the production of a feel-good chemical in the brain and improve immune system response, according to a 2004 scientific paper.


As with all sex toys, it’s important to pay attention to safety when using clitoral pumps. “If you start to feel uncomfortable or think your clitoral glands are getting overstimulated, stop,” Grover says. There are rare reports of blood vessel damage and tissue irritation from too much pump suction, but these can be avoided by starting slow and stopping if you start to feel pain.

A toy that has a soft, flexible suction head that can be gently shaped with your hand can help avoid any pinching or soreness. And a toy that can be easily cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and water is best for hygiene purposes, especially if you’re using it with a partner.

The plusOne Fluttering Arouser aims to replicate the feeling of your partner’s tongue stimulating your clitoral hood for targeted arousal and G-spot orgasm. It’s designed with queer, trans-masculine and nonbinary bodies in mind, and its warm silicone body and 11 suction settings allow you to customize the experience for your unique desires.

The ROMP Switch pampers your clit with a silky-soft, smooth suction head that’s made from skin-friendly, hygienic silicone and is IPX4 waterproof. The discreet motor is whisper-quiet and the toy is easy to clean. It’s also compatible with Clitoral Massager Manufacturers most water-based lubricants and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for portable pleasure.


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